Anglers Artistry Treasure Chest Badger Airbrush Kit


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Anglers Artistry is proud to partner with the Badger airbrush company to share with you the Anglers Artistry RK Krome Treasure check complete artist kit! This incredible value is just that for some one getting into airbrushing or for the established Professional airbrush Artist!

I know first hand that it is so important to have consistency with your airbrush as well as life long piece of equipment!

Mr. Ken Schlotfeldt the owner of the Badger Airbrush company and my friend supports the taxidermist and the fish carvers and has made available to Anglers Artistry a treasure chest of sorts that will get you in the drivers seat of one of the top of line professional airbrush kits today!

Included in this Anglers Artistry Treasures Chest Airbrush kit along with your RK Krome airbrush is a Professional hard case to transport and store your Krome airbrush!

A P.A.C. valve assembly (pressure air control) this allows you to easily detach with a hydraulic release and set your air pressure directly at the PAC value it self saving you bending up and down to the old compressor.

This Kit also has the detail illustrators extra needle and cap assembly so you have a extra value with a spare hi performance needle.

With your Anglers Artistry Treasure Chest kit your ready to go just attach a male air attachment and plug that in to your compressor and off you go to a great experience with your airbrush of choice!

Made in the USA the warrantee is outstanding and any service if you require down the road is amazing direct from the factory in Chicago!

I'm Rick Krane and if I don't use it I won't sell it!

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