Silicone Inc. P-90 Platinum Silicone

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Product Information

General Information

P-90 is a high tear strength, platinum-catalyzed, RTV-2 silicone rubber. It is easy to mix and de-air, and will cure with virtually no shrinkage. The speed at which the rubber hardens can be dramatically accelerated with heat or with Pt Accelerator at room temperature. Addition-cure two-component silicone rubbers exhibit excellent chemical and heat resistance, but may show inhibition sensitivity. P-90 offers excellent release properties and is extremely useful for those applications where exceptional flexibility and tear resistance are required.

Typical Properties

Uncatalyzed Compound


Viscosity (cps) Mixing Ratio (B/A) Viscosity (cps) Working Time Cure Time

Shelf Life

Base: White or Translucent Activator: Red or Clear

Base: 60,000-80,000 By weight: 100 / 10 Mixed: 40,000-55,000 1 to 2 hours

Activator: 1,500-2,500 By volume: 100 / 11.7

16-24 hours 6 months

Vulcanized (cured) Properties (7 days @ 70° F / 50% relative humidity)

 Shore A Hardness (±4)

Tear Resistance (ASTM D624) Tensile Strength (ASTM D412) Elongation (ASTM D412) Service Temperature (° F) Shrinkage

Specific Gravity

Coverage (in3 / lb)

Dielectric Strength (volts/mil) Dielectric Constant (@ 100 HZ) Dissipation Factor (@ 100 HZ) Volume Resistivity (ohms/cm)

One day: 32 125 ± 10 ppi 600 ± 50 psi 415 ± 30 % -60 to 600


1.13 24.5 580

2.8 0.006 14 5 x 10

7 Days: 35

The information contained in this data sheet is, to our best knowledge, true and accurate, but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee. Since the conditions of use are beyond our control, Silicones, Inc. disclaims any liability incurred in connection with the use of our products and information contained herein.

Shelf Life (months) 6


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