Epo-Grip Fish Tooth (4oz)


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A specially designed white tooth paste that allows the taxidermist and wood carvers alike to easily and quickly create teeth in a fish mount. One of the very cool aspects of Fishtooth does not droop or migrate when applied to the jaw area allowing both the top and bottom jaws to be worked at the same time! Cures in 3-4 hours so you can really have some time to get the teeth just the way you want them!

Fishtooth is currently only available in 4oz Units Price $11.25

Product is for Taxidermy or fish carver uses: Creation of realistic artificial teeth for fish and other small species. Also great for small skull repairs or antler repair.

For more information, guidance regarding product application or cure time with a particular project, please call a representative at 1.800.888.2467

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