Epo-Grip Bloodout

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Is A serious concentrate degreaser and blood remover, can be diluted 20:1-100:1 with water. Bloodout is a critical part of our Anglers Artistry Fish Pickle This product is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, cost effective, and sweet smelling. Bloodout works great on fish, and everything else that requires degreasing or blood removal in your shop. Can also be used as a general-purpose shop cleaner. Give it a try!

Bloodout Degreaser is available in:
1 Quart Unit Price $13.75
1 Gallon Unit Price $40.50

Product Taxidermy Uses: A concentrated cleaner for cleaning, blood removal and degreasing fish skins.

For more information, guidance regarding product application or cure time with a particular project, please call a representative at 1.800.888.2467

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