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Learning is an opportunity to get ahead and to better enjoy what it is you love to do! Rick Krane’s Anglers Artistry Master Educational DVD series have been an unlimited advantage to so many around the world that have the passion and desire to take their work to the next level!

We have put together for you the entire series including the additional Masters series guest instructor DVD’s all in to one Master Box Set!

This compete Anglers Artistry Master Box Set consists of all 24 Double disk sets of instructional painting DVD’s by the instructor of World Champions Rick Krane! In addition to the 2 hugely successful additions to any one instructional Taxidermy DVD collections The Kevin Libby Trophy Room Services Box Set Masters Series!

This compete Anglers Artistry Master Box Set is a great value of information with over 80 hours of instruction and added bonus benefits! If you were to order each of the individual DVD’s the cost would be over $ 800.00 plus shipping! Now you can own the compete Anglers Artistry Master Box Set “including free shipping” for $599.00 complete!

Here is what you revive for your value compete Anglers Artistry Master Box Set!

Volume 1 - Painting a Smallmouth Bass Reproduction, Volume 2 - Largemouth Bass Skin Mounted, Volume 3 - Largemouth Bass Reproduction, Volume 4 - Walleye Reproduction, Volume 5 - Black Crappie Reproduction, Volume 6 - Brown Trout Reproduction, Volume 7 - Brook Trout Reproduction, Volume 8 - Brown Trout Skin Mounted, Volume 9 - Redfish Skin Mount, Volume 10 - Steelhead Winter Phase Reproduction, Volume 11 - Striped Bass (Rockfish) Reproduction, Volume 12 - Blue Gill Reproduction, Volume 13 - Redfish Reproduction, Volume 14 - Spotted Sea Trout Reproduction, Volume 15 - Musky Reproduction, Volume 16 - Rainbow Trout Skin Mounted, Volume 17 - Northern Pike Reproduction, Volume 18 - Chinook Salmon Reproduction, Volume 19: Rainbow Trout Reproduction, Volume 20: Bull Dolphin Reproduction, Volume 21 - Sockeye Salmon Reproduction, Volume 22 - Channel Catfish Reproduction, Volume 23 - Yellow Perch Reproduction, Volume 24 - Lake Trout Reproduction, and Both of the industry changing Masters Educational series DVD the Trophy Room Design & Exploration and African Crocodile Head Reproduction Finishing and Painting! All 26 Series in one value Box set!

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Rick Krane