2020 Golden Ticket Contest Details



The Anglers Artistry “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”

and the 2020 Anglers Artistry Golden Ticket Contest!


The tradition of giving back continues here at Anglers Artistry!

You can really WIN a great opportunity!!!!! 


In 2012 I started a tradition of paying it back for all what has been given to my family and me in the best way that I know how! 

I want to share the gifts I believe that God has given me to graciously share with others! I love to share in the excitement of the opportunities when any one can win something that is a true Grand Prize!!! A chance of a lifetime or a lifelong dream can come true with the Anglers Artistry Golden Ticket give away! 

It is free all-inclusive week long workshop with all here at Anglers Artistry!!! If you’re the Grand prize winner in addition to your workshop you’ll enjoy a few days of sightseeing, great food, meet some new friends at the Annual Cook on your last day full day! The Grand Prize includes get airfare, all products and materials included in the workshop, A huge fish reference collection, and more!!!

Rick Krane Anglers Artistry Golden Ticket Contest 2020

Rick Krane Anglers Artistry Golden Ticket

In 2012, the first winner of the Rick Krane’s Anglers Artistry all-inclusive workshop was Ms. Sarmite Inberga of Sigulda Riga district of Latvia, the 2013 winner was James Neuhaus of Sherman Texas, 2014 winner Mr. Steven Johnson of Paynesville Missouri, and we add the 2015 winner Billy Robinson from Cyclone West Virginia, the 2016 winner Mr. Chris Sturtz of Ogden Iowa, the 2017 winner Ms. Kristen Grayson of Reno Nevada, Mr. Joe Miles of Jackson Michigan and Mr. Jeremiah Judd of Arkansas  the 2019 winner who will be here in August of 2020 !! 

Throughout the year 7 people will win a coveted a Golden Ticket all leading up to the grand drawing! The Golden Tickets will be randomly drawn from the Anglers Artistry web site members, and our Business Facebook page members, 1 Golden Ticket will go to a North American association for them to raffle off to help without the community with raising money, and the last one will go to one of our Instagram followers!  

Any State, any Country, anywhere in the world, you could be the 2020 Grand Prize Winner!!! 

So it is with great pleasure that once again in 2020 we give away a trip of a life time to Anglers Artistry! One of the lucky Golden Ticket Winners will join yours truly here at Anglers Artistry which will be drawn December 31st 2020 Live!

How do you win a chance at one of the 7 coveted Golden Tickets? Here is How:

1. Just for being a registered member who has logged on at least once in the past 12 months you will be eligible to win! Each active member is provided with a chance just for being a member!

2. Refer a friend Angler Artistry’s referral program! Refer a friend who is interested in the art of fish taxidermy or fish carving and let us know who you are and whom you referred and you will be awarded a second chance drawing for a coveted Golden Ticket! There will be special contest for membership drives with extra opportunities so check in to our Facebook page to see the latest happenings!

3. Like us on Facebook! Take a moment to LIKE US on Facebook and you will receive an additional chance to be drawn for a Golden Ticket! We check each week to see how the new likes are and then you are awarded an additional chance!


4. Facebook referral weeks! During the year, we have social contests for the most referrals! Each new member you refer our Facebook page that may enjoy being part of the sporting lifestyle or enjoys beautiful fish work would be a great candidate for you to refer to our Facebook community page! You will receive another chance to win a Golden Ticket for your referral!
If you win one of the referral contests you’ll receive 10 more chances! Here is the address to refer friends to like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Rick.Krane.Anglers.Artistry

5. Special promotional contest and secret vendor tickets! Each year we give one or two of the Golden Tickets to one or more of our vendors who will randomly send one out when we tell them it is time to give a Golden Ticket away! So, yet another way to get a Golden Ticket by chance!

6. Anyone who puts a photo in the Cool Fish Photo contest not only will you be entered to win the Grand Prize we give away at the end of the year, but you will also receive a free chance opportunity as well for a Golden Ticket!

7. Instagram friends who follow us on Instagram! Click on follow us and you’re in the running!

All Golden Tickets are given out in 2020, and, yes indeed, you could win A Golden Ticket!!! Each Golden Ticket winner wins in addition to the chance to win the grand prize a special prize just for winning! Along with the 2020 prizes there will be gift certificates, Our new STREAMING service gift certificates and more! 

Stay in touch with us and you could be one of the 2020 Golden Ticket winners! 

I’m Rick Krane and I wish you my Very Best!

Good Luck to everyone and let the Golden Ticket Contest begin!