Silicones, Inc. combines state-of-the art two-component room temperature vulcanized (RTV-2) silicone rubber technology with a solid commitment to individualized service and product development.

Silicone Inc. offers Custom Capabilities Rigorous Testing Flexible Production Schedule Large Scale Capacity

Since its inception, Silicones, Inc. has continuously invested in equipment to expand its capabilities. They maintain significant inventory of raw materials allowing us to quickly respond to orders of standard and custom formulated products. Their testing procedures ensure that the product we provide will perform in your application.

As the cutting edge teaching facility Anglers Artistry has to work with the best products and the best partners who care about the industry of taxidermy! Back in 1985 I took the opportunity to attend a 2 week workshop on molding parts un-related to taxidermy and walked away with the new product that would change how I create and since we stated teaching in 1991 how we teach!

I have been so excited to become a distributor for the taxidermy industry and as leader in the teaching of the "HOW-TOO'S" of products for the every day taxidermists it is our partnership with Silicone Inc that will continue to bring new innovations to you the artist!

My Best

Rick Krane