Workshops - Initial Deposit

Anglers Artistry Workshops 2021 Update...

As of Jan 1 2021 Anglers Artistry will have a small price increase for the package workshops.

It has been many ears since we have had to do this to work on keeping savings for your workshop at a great value and we will always continue to do so when and where ever we can. 

If you are interested in taking a workshop please give us a call at 603-336-7296 or email us at to talk about your goals in taxidermy or fish carving! 

I wish you a great 2021!!!

Rick Krane

Product Image Price- Item Name
5 Day Workshop Deposit $300.00


5 Day Workshop Deposit

10 Day Workshop Deposit $750.00


10 Day Workshop Deposit

15 Day Workshop Deposit $1,250.00


15 Day Workshop Deposit

The Complete Master Workshop $1,500.00


The Complete Master Workshop