There are a few products in every taxidermist or fish carvers shop that area day to day can’t go with out, that being said how about a company and it’s product line! Epo-Grip is that company for us here at Anglers Artistry. As a full time fish taxidermy instructor it is my obligation to always stay cutting edge with new or the most beneficial products out there and I have found over the past decade that the Epo- Grip line of products are just that!!! The product line is completely geared for the high end professional but as simple to use that anyone beginning in the art will enjoy the benefits immediately!

I’m so proud that we now are able to provide you the benefits of the Epo- Grip product line! Check out our Anglers Artistry box set of products and save immediately!

Product Image Price Item Name-
Epo-Grip Mache Magic $29.50

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Epo-Grip Mache Magic

Epo Grip Mache Magic is a innovative time saving filler designed to be used for tissue rebuilding applications. This two component system is easily...
Epo-Grip Fish Tooth (4oz) $14.50


Epo-Grip Fish Tooth (4oz)

A specially designed white tooth paste that allows the taxidermist and wood carvers alike to easily and quickly create teeth in a fish mount. One of...
Epo-Grip Fin Magic $29.50

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Epo-Grip Fin Magic

Fin Magic is our go to product, which I personally use here, on a daily basis! This incredible product has a multitude of uses, which enhances your...
Epo-Grip Bloodout $24.95

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Epo-Grip Bloodout

Is A serious concentrate degreaser and blood remover, can be diluted 20:1-100:1 with water. Bloodout is a critical part of our Anglers Artistry Fish...
Anglers Artistry Epo-Grip Box Set $109.00


Anglers Artistry Epo-Grip Box Set

For the fishhead looking to save a few dollars and get the greatest value then this is the box set for your Epo Grip items! All the best of the Epo...