Walnut Hollow Display Products

As a full time instructor and a leader in the industry I keep my eyes and mind open for new products, which have innovation and profitability! Every once in awhile a rare new product comes along which fits that description; but what Walnut Hollow has brought to our market with the Scenic Wall Plaque is Artistic Genius Combined with a profitable presentation! All you have to do is plug your work into the scene and instantly your work and their quality natural display will enhance the impact of your art! This product line is money in the bank!

We here at Anglers Artistry are personally excited to make this special announcement! Now offered through the Anglers Artistry Store you can order quality Walnut Hollow products of choice!!

Click on any of the Walnut Hollow products you would like to purchase and we will contact you as soon as the product is ready to ship. Your beautiful Walnut Hollow wood product will ship within 3-4 business days of ordering. You will be contacted for shipping and a second charge for shipping & options will be billed at this time. The work represented in the display photos most accurately represents the piece you are buying. All products will be shipped UPS or the most cost effective carrier.

Any Questions on the Walnut Hollow wood product purchase please call us at 603-336-7296

Rick Krane Anglers Artistry"