Rick Krane has been teaching taxidermist and fish carvers how to paint fish since 1991.

Ricks unique and innovate painting techniques have provide folks around the world the opportunity to share in the passion of beautiful fish displays for personal pleasure and professional commissions for clients.

Rick's Instruction is the best part of the DVD's where he breaks down the whys and hows of painting!

Understanding color, new and different media and how to use a airbrush are part of Rick's DVD's!

Each DVD series come with 2 information packed DVD's the fist will cover the paint of a specific fish species many in both skin mount and reproductions alike. The second DVD will cover custom eye painting, airbrush use, fin setting and so much more!

From the brand new beginner to World and National Champions the list of artists alike have shared their beautiful work using many of Ricks techniques and generously promoting the fun and entertaining way to learn more about fish painting!

Explore the free sample clips of each one of the instructional DVD's! You can purchase a single title, or pick up a study set, you can even put together you very own custom box set of your own!

We here at Anglers Artistry wish you the very best in your fish painting projects and hope you enjoy your journey in learning how to paint fish!