Featured Artists

I’m Rick Krane and I’m extremely proud of the talent and hard work of the Anglers Artistry family members! Most web stores feature only their own products and services, but we are uniquely a truly loyalty based family company! Members can come here to view select-featured products to have the opportunity to own! Have you ever wanted to collect art from folks you know and love? Have you considered owning a piece of artwork from a peer? Well here is that special place to do just that! Taxidermists, Fish Carvers, Conventional Fish Artists, and Collectors alike want the opportunity to be able to privately purchase the work of others artists for our very own personal collection!

Each month we will add featured artist’s who are Members of the Anglers Artistry family! I have taught for over 2 decades so students can advance in their own personal or professional ventures in the area of fish art! The family members of Anglers Artistry have taken their experiences and created incredible works of art with their hard work and talent!

Click on any Artist and see the beautiful work they have to offer! Check back each month and see new artists and what may be new by the featured artist you follow!