Badger Airbrush Kits

There are lots of Airbrushes out there to choose from and at one time or another I have owned all of them! I am in the habit of only talking about great products for one and one reason only and that is because I use it! As a professional airbrush artist and leader in the education of taxidermist and fish carvers alike I can say with totally confidence that the professional line of Badger Renegade series airbrush are the airbrush tool of choice for Anglers Artistry! There are lots of great airbrush to choose from today but how many can you pick the phone up and talk to the president of the company if you have an Issue! Fully Guaranteed and a complete USA made product this airbrush company we have found to stand behind their products with the emphasis on customer service and if you are like me that means every thing in todays world!

Rick Krane