AA-BR17.5 Original Brook Trout (Male) Reproduction OPT 1#


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Congratulation on Choosing your Anglers Artistry Fish Reproduction!

OPT # 1 is an Anglers Artistry Original 2 sided Reproduction Brook Trout ready for you to paint for your collection or client work!

The price of the Brook Trout Reproduction includes also includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.


White Glove Service for your Original Rick Krane Brook Trout Reproduction will come fully assemble with fins installed and a custom set of hand painted eyes all ready set for you by Rick Krane. This is a 17.5 inch male Brook Trout

This Brook Trout reproduction is out of the box paint ready.

The photo of this brook trout is the painted Brook Trout yours will come primed and white.

Congratulation once again on your purchase!