Anglers Artistry is now sharing reproduction fish work by Rick Krane!!!

Anglers Artistry Original 2-sided reproductions are ready for you to paint for your collection or client work!!! free shipping to the lower 48 States!

You can order the Rick Krane Anglers Artistry Fish reproductions with 2 convenient options!!!


White Glove Service for your Original Rick Krane Reproduction Fish will come fully assemble with fins installed and a custom set of hand painted eyes all ready set for you by Rick Krane.

OPT 1 come with Free shipping to the lower 48 States! All others areas of the country and the rest of the world will be at cost and no mark up on shipping!


The Anglers Artistry Reproduction’s are also available assembled with a pair of “Still Life” eyes (unpainted and not installed) for you to paint and set your own eyes for your projects!

Congratulation on Choosing your Anglers Artistry Fish Reproduction!