Printed Reference Sets

Anglers Artistry Fish Photo Library Reference Collections


Hi I’m Rick Krane and I have spent a lifetime taking photos and creating my own personal Fish reference library of species of fish from all over the world! I want to share these sets of high resolution detailed scientific reference photos set to help with your education of the study of fish for your art!


Place an order and have them in your hands in 24 hour or less! Here is how it works! 


Place the order for the Anglers Artistry reference set and fill out the needed information


It is as simple as that!! Your photo set or sets will be ready to pick up at your closest local Wal- Mart.


The photos will be ready for you in your name at the photo counter paid in full!


It is a simple as that! Fast convenient and local to you!


It is said that good reference is the greatest asset to any artist! I want to share my personal photos collections with you as an addition to your own reference library or as way to create one!


My Best

Rick Krane