There will be more surprises and lots of fun that are a trademark of any of our Anglers Artistry Masters Series workshops! Lunch will be included (you all know how much I love great food!) In addition to World Class Workshop we will have a very special give away of some cool products and free reference material all as a part of your workshop! You all as very personal opportunity to get the very most you can get out of this Hands-on workshop!

The price of this workshop includes an Exclusive Professional series set of DVDs.

Also “live filming” of the workshop with Anglers Artistry’s Christian Carlson!

Surprise free goodies (of course)


The Annual workshop professional exclusive member’s shirt!

There will be a “Meet and Greet” July 26th Thursdays night!

The workshop will include and cover…

Day 1-2. 8Am-6PM ish


•          Custom eye painting and setting of your reproduction you’ll be painting

•          Complete understanding of Fish anatomy

•          Form measurements and proper templates making

•          Fish Skin preparation and preservation

•          Molding and casting of heads and fins

•          Custom body carving for both commercial and competition

•          Proper study of eye function and setting (in-depth

•          Taxi-ing of skin form preparation

•          Mold preparation for a fish

•          Working with Vacuum systems and Pressure Pot’s

•          Fish molding

•          Fish casting

Group Discussions on

•          Composition techniques for both commercial and competition applications

•          Review of finishing and painting for commercial and competition

•          Over view and topic study of Fish as it relates to common issues and problems we all encounter

•          A live critique of your mounts you may bring (one mounted fish please per-participant)!


Day 3-4 of your workshop. 8AM-6PM ish


•          Reproduction review and preparation

•          Theory of color and paint review (a must for painting any fish)

•          Airbrushing cleaning and painting exercises

•          Painting of your reproduction fish.

•          Presentation review and design

We try our best to make it as simple and all-inclusive as it can be so there will be a minimal supply list of what to bring items such as your own tools and airbrush and choice of reproduction. Once you’re in and confirmed a list will follow!


Working on special discounted lodging pricing for the group.

I hope to see you in Alaska!!!


My Best

Rick Krane

Give us a call if you questions!




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